Capitol Hill Internships

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How do I apply for an internship on the hill?

Fill out our regular student application and answer “YES” to the question “Jintern?”

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Can you give a brief description of the process and the cost?

When you fill out the student application, please include in the last section the names of the congressmen/women in your home district, as well as the district where you attend school currently.

There is no charge for this program! After submitting your application, a link will appear directing you to leave a deposit. The deposit ($100 should be entered into the payment amount for an internship application) will be fully refunded upon completion of the program.

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How long is the program?

The internship is usually 4-6 weeks long. Arrangements can possibly be made to extend for longer. Part of the program also includes a required Jewish educational component, by attending Sinai Retreats for one of the listed sessions.

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